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From the pot to the "pilón" and from the "pilón" to your palate...

The taste of our island can be enjoyed in each of our specialties.Accompanied with our "mofongo", fried green plantains or our typical rice and beans, you and your companions will experience the thrill of the unmistakable flavors of Puerto Rico.

Enjoy all of our comfort and homely ambient. Wether for lunch, dinner or to have a friendly drink, our kind personnel will make from your visit a memorable experience,you will remember, share, and surely will want to repeat.

At Restaurante Raíces we await you with the
warmth and hospitality of our culture.

Thanks for your visit.


The flavors of the times of our ancestors, where tradition, culture and the folklore of our island come together. That unmistakable mix of seasonings that makes each dish or typical "gustito" a delight to the palate... That's our taste.

*Yelp Wailist service applies only
to Raíces Old San Juan.

Mashed Green Plantain Stuffed
with Chimichurri Style Skirt Steak

(Skirt Steak Stuffed with Raíces Mash,
Topped with Shrimp and a Mushrooms
and Onions Sauce)

Kan Kan Pork Chop

Mahi Mahi Creole Style Stuffed
with Shrimp in Garlic Sauce

Surf and Turf

Muslitos Campestres
(Pork Country Style Drumsticks
in Fricasé Sauce )

Chocolate "Jolgorio"
(Homemade "Brownie" with Edy's Ice Cream,
chocolate, caramel and Oreo pieces)

Skirt Steak in Chimichurri Sauce

Beef Steak with Onions

Shrimp in Garlic, Creole or
Mojo Isleño Style

Mahi Mahi and Shrimps

Mahi Mahi in Garlic, Creole or
Mojo Isleño Style

Kan Kan Pork Chop

Pork Meat, Fried or with Onions on Top

Chicken Breast in Garlic or Creole Sauce

Vegetables in Wine & Mushrooms Sauce


What at first was a small and humble restaurant in the town of Caguas has become one of the most original, impressive and successful thematic culinary concepts of Puerto Rico and the Americas.

Our story is fascinating and full of flavor, where every person who visits us becomes part of it .

We invite you to read and learn more about us.

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